ASH Meeting on Lymphoma Biology 2018 | Virtual Congress Coverage

A meeting on lymphoma Biology by the American Society of Hematology (ASH) took place between 2–5 August 2018, in Chantilly, Virginia. The program was ACCME-accredited and featured a variety of sessions for experts to discuss the unmet needs in the lymphoma community.

Dr Francesc Bosch, University Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, is a member of the Lymphoma Hub scientific advisory board and who attended the meeting in August. Dr Bosch provided a summary of the meeting for the Lymphoma Hub capturing the key outcomes of what was discussed.

Expert Opinion

New technologies: histo-cytometry tech data and data on circulating tumoral DNA was found to be useful for analysis of resistant clones, genotyping tutors, and analysis of the dynamics of ctDNA during treatment, becoming a reliable early (after 2nd cycle) predictor of response to therapy

Targeting therapies: Anthony Letai, discussed potential combinations that increase BCL2 dependency of the tumoral cells, (i.e., adding bortezomib or Azacitidine). Margaret Shipp and Louis Staudt presented the data of the classification of lymphomas based on the gene expression profile and the presence of genetic lesions. These new five subgroups could be of paramount relevance when deciding therapies. Bertrand Nadel presented a comprehensive analysis of single cell RNAseq of normal germinal center cells and follicular lymphomas, demonstrating that there is an enormous inter-patient variation and important intra-patient heterogeneity

Ralf Kuppers presented data on the normal CD30+ cells inside and outside germinal center, and finally, Elias Campo revised the recent data on the activity of Cyclin D1 in the pathogenesis of mantle cell lymphoma

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